To assemble electronic boards, Dinema uses sophisticated systems with automated and high stability machinery.


Horizon 03IX automatic machine dispenses the solder paste with software for the metal sheet inspection, automatic programmable cleaning and automatic PCB alignment. Surface mount machines JUKI FX-1, FX-2, KE 2050, KE 2060, KE 2070, KE 2080 and SIEMENS Siplace.


Two waves welding machine Victronics - Soltec Delta Wave 6622 with spray fluxing system, pre-heating tunnel and nitrogen inerting system. Suitable for both lead-free and leaded productions.


CKD VP6000 L-V machine for the post-print inspection to verify areas and volumes of dispensed paste. The system is able to store data, perform the sorting of PCBs and manage a continuous feed back with automatic screen printing machine.


Surface mount machines SIEMENS Siplace X3S and X2S with automatic control and smart feeders. Positioning accuracy of 22um for the 03015 chip up to 200x125mm.

Surface mount machines JUKI FX-2, KE 2070, KE 2080 with 6 nozzles for simultaneous optical laser alignment of 0201 chips and integrated circuits up to 50x150mm.

The SMT lines are totally automated and allow to manage the production flow of electronic boards without the need of manipulation by the operator. They are suitable for mounting 0105 , BGA ultra fine pithc, LGA and QFN packages. The quality of the production process is continuously monitored and validated by automatic optical inspection systems, to test 100% both the welding quality and the placement of the components. These systems are assisted by a control X-ray machine.


Any assembly of traditional components electronic boards is manually performed by highly experienced operators. The welding is done with automatic welding machine, in an inert atmosphere. All components, both taped either in bulk, are preformed using semiautomatic machines or designed to ensure efficiency and insertion without mechanically stressing the components.