Characterized by high profile staff, our R&D department is divided in two different units: Hardware and Software Development. Years of experience, together with the synergies and connections with the Lonati Group branches, allow us to extend our electronic services offer into a proper turnkey solution: starting from a simple idea of our customer, we are able to deliver a complete finished product (including plastic moulding or metallic case, when required).

The well - established relationships we can rely on with industry associations, international research centers and local universities, make us an even more valuable partner also for the development of the most innovative solutions.

Main hardware skills are:

  • digital, analog and power electronics;
  • microcontroller systems from 8 to 32 bits;
  • programmable devices;
  • power supplies (fly-back, forward, push-pull and resonant)
  • drives for trapezoidal or sinusoidal brushless motors;
  • step motor drives with digital and / or analog techniques;
  • drivers for piezoelectric actuators, positioning of proportional valves, sensors;
  • proprietary or standard communication interfaces;
  • complete development of the PCB layout.

Main software skills are:

  • Assembler;
  • C and C++ for embedded applications, Visual C++ for PC based applications;
  • development of embedded applications with RTOS Linux or custom;
  • development of applications compliant to the norm IEC 60335-1 Ed. 5.0 Annex R (validation of software for safety purposes);
  • development of applications in the PC, both Linux or Windows operating system;
  • tandard or dedicated communication protocols;
  • advanced user interfaces and applications for expert systems on Linux or Windows;
  • database managemente.