Dinema interior lighting offers a wide range of LEDs products that gives an efficient lighting and high energy saving for offices, stores, meeting rooms, hallways, museums, hospital wards and theatres.

Our head interior products are:

  • Panel lights;
  • General lighting LEDs bars;
  • Wall grazing LEDs bars.

Dinema’s interior lighting systems are carefully designed to offer high quality appearance to those locations in which there is a recurring people coming and going and opened to the public.

The performance is deeply pursued:

  • The high chromaticity render index makes lighting fixtures suitable for work and elaborative environment, improving color perception;
  • The lighting emission uniformity enhances the eyesight and prevents dazzling;
  • We drive LEDs with constant current to avoid flickering and eye fatigue.

Thanks to edge lighting technique, Panel lights reach these performances, avoiding the LEDs sources to be straight directed to working surfaces.

In Bars we use suitable secondary optics or led with primary optics according to the requested purpose.

LEDs boards produced by Dinema have high thermal conductivity supports, with attention to the coupling mechanical heatsink.

LEDs are rigorously selected in accordance with chromaticity render index and color temperature (CCT).