Scattered light Panel lights are suitable for offices, stores, meeting rooms, hallways and museums. The luminous flux is accompanied by a sense of uniformity and design linearity. Compared to traditional lighting sources, Panel lights save more energy, need less maintenance , fully illuminate when lighted on, no ageing effects due to on/off cycles, no UV or infrared emission.
Optics made by PMMA (high transmittance) to spread the light obtaining a smooth and relaxing effect.

The main Dinema slim LEDs Panel light 300x1200 characteristics are:

  • Power supply with PFC (power factor pf > 0,9), ingresso 90 / 230Vac, available separatedly;
  • LEDs lifetime d > 50.000h (L70) all over the temperature range;
  • Mid-power LEDs with declared L70 curve, driven with constant current to have more efficiency and stability;
  • Fixture design guarantees its cleanliness in time and a well-finished, harmonious and no-shadows effect;
  • Operating temperature: -20°C / +55°C;
  • Anodized extruded aluminum heatsink;
  • Diffuser can be changed by request;
  • Dimensions: base 1196x296 mm, height 14 mm;
  • Weight: 4,75 kg.