Dinema Lighting developed D-Morse, the enlightment managing system fot IoT and Indusrty 4.0 era.

Dinema’s LEDs headlights are provided with a managing system that regulates lighting flux at different input:

  • Wired inputs: 1..10V o DALI
  • Signals from outdoor variables/sensors (i.e. time slot or brightness sensors)
  • Wireless Communication Protocol (Zigbee LWM, Wi-Fi, BLE)
  • Dimming: brightness regulation from 100% to 5%, with default fading effect or  temporary fast as requested.
  • Grouping: headlights can be linked to smart control groups for different areas (each headlight is blinked to facilitate their identification)
  • Hourly/daily/seasonal Design
  • Report: it is possible to get statistics of the use, consumption and saving.
  • Re-writing of the headlight’s firmware in wireless modality, thanks to the integrated boot in the microcontroller.