Our outdoor LEDs lighting product supply includes:

  • Street lamps
  • Headlight Spotlight

Dinema, in this case too, employs LEDs technology, that grants high reliability, less maintenance and a remarkable energy saving compared to traditional lighting systems.

The outdoor range started with Street lamps: LLL54W lamps suitable for poles 5 meters high with 30 meters pitch, LLL27W lamps suitable for all walk and bike paths, parking areas, recreation grounds. These lighting fixture can be used to enlighten warehouses perimeter, thanks to optional wall brackets or to enlighten inner places with multiple mounting system on poles. Bat-wings optics. Lighting fixtures are powder coated stainless steel in order to keep the aesthetics of the lamps unchanged through time, even in hostile environmental conditions.

The range extension led to the production of 60W headlights, useful as industrial wall projector, with IP65 protection degree, in case also DALI dimmable. These heatdlights stands out for their aluminum headsink, the tempered glass protecting primary optics and the stainless steel bracket that allows wide rotation.

Lastly, the spotlight 12,5W completes the range, ideal to detail architectural elements. The lighting fixture is aluminum die casted and powder coated. The bracket, made with stainless steel, lets select the mounting angle. The power supply is 24Vdc.