iSpy is a sensor that can detect the yarn flow in circular textile machines (seamless and socks by Lonati Group).

iSpy implements a dual technology within the same device. To the original system of recognition of the movement of the yarn based on the detection of electrostatic, an optical cell has been added which makes it the possibility to identify the yarns vibrations that is present with movement. The optical sensor allows the use of iSpy devices even in circumstances which, due to work requirements, that the yarn must be wetted. The management of the double source sensor, electrostatic and optical, occurs with an optimized algorithm through the regulation of parameters that allow the modulation of the sensitivity needed.

iSpy was developed for fully integration with the textile machines, with graphs systems programming and with management and control systems.

  • It is immune to dust and extra agents;
  • It is immune to external illumination and direct sunlight;
  • It is capable of detecting yarns of different colours and/or types.

iSpy has been studied toIntegrate with Lonati Group textile machines, regardless of the physical characteristics of the yarns used; with their programming graphic systems and with their management and control systems, allowing the user to exploit its potential to the optimum. iSpy can be equipped with different accessories suitable for different types of installations and applications.

Main technical data:

  • Operating voltage 24 VDC
  • Maximum voltage: max 55 mA