Board checks and tests

Test in-circuit and functional automatic tests

The design-for-testability integrates design phases with the most suitable analysis of new techniques of automatic and manual testing . Dinema has a long decades operative experience that has led to the study and the use of efficient and economical testing techniques. Thanks to our experience, we have internally developed the PaPA (Product and Process Analysis) application, with which we are able to analyze the performances of the different test strategies according to the production process and the type of product. Since every product have its electrical, physical and mechanical characteristics, PaPA allows to study and develop the best testing solution suitable for every application.

Dinema benefits from a mix of testing technologies based on flying probes or needle bed ATE/ICT machines and from systems with National LabVIEW® platform. It can also design fully costumed solutions. The wide range of our solutions is completed by burn-in and/or run-in climatic chambers. The main electronic board testing technologies currently available are the following:

  • In-circuit test, with or without power supply, with automatic flying probe systems;
  • In-circuit and/or semi-functional test, with bed of nails automatic systems (with framescan, deltascan, boundary-scan);
  • In-system programming of flash and PLD;
  • Automated functional test with National LabVIEW(R) platforms;
  • Custom functional test systems, designed in-house;
  • Electrical safety tests (dielectric strength, insulation, protection circuit, leakage current) with or without mains;
  • Reasation geing sessions in climatic chamber (burn-in or run-in).

Electronic boards tests phases are the following:

  1. INSPECTION SYSTEM: Omron VT-S720 automated machines for three-dimensional optical inspection (post-solder SMD components). Multi-CCD cameras high-performance system can inspect up to 01005 chip and fine pitch up to 8 mils;
  2. REPAIR: ZEVAC ONYX 25 rework Station with automatic thermal profile for installation and replacement of fine-pitch and BGA components;
  3. X-RAY CONTROL: YXLON Feinfocus Y.Cougar SMT system for X-Ray 2D and 3D process control. Magnification up to 10,000X, 310x310mm inspection area for printed circuits with max. 550x440 mm dimensions, resolution up to 500 nm. Automatic inspection algorithms for BGA and QFN;
  4. FlYING PROBERS : 2 SPEA Multimade 4060 machines with possibility of automated loading. 4 moving needles system with possibility of 128 fixed needles, axis movement through air cushion, traditional in-circuit test with the possibility of power-on, optical testing and SPC. Automatic generation of programs, testing data collection system;
  5. BED OF NEEDLES: 2 SPEA 3030 1280 channels machines, 4 Teradyne Spectrum 885X automatic testing machines , with 896/1024/1152 channels, equipped with VXI architecture, Deltascan and Framescan. 3 Tecnost TEC 8000 and TEC 4000;
  6. FUNCTIONAL TESTING ON PC: Functional Test Systems based on National LabVIEW® platforms, standards for the part of software and hardware on PC, custom for the interface of the board to be tested;
  7. BURN-IN: Burn-in with self-built systems placed in ACS climatic chambers with positive and negative temperature variation, or in heat-only heating rooms;
  8. RUN-IN: Run-in with self-built systems incorporated in ACS climatic chambers with positive and negative temperature variation or simply thermal heating rooms. The Run-in is a functional with diagnostics and sophisticated automation;
  9. CUSTOM FUNCTIONAL TESTING : designed and built ad hoc equipments, in order to achieve maximum speed and deep analysis.