Full attention in the purchase of materials and in storage.

Dinema’s Logistic management is a delicate phase: most of the quality of our work depends on it. We have a very specialized staff in purchase sector, and our products storage and stock areas are equipped with automated procedures and an outside elements shelter.

The product, from purchase to sale, is completely managed through a whole attention on:

  1. COMPONENTS: we research, purchase and manage electronic components on every level. We have logistic agreements with the main suppliers.
  2. PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS: we supply printed circuit boards.
  3. WAREHOUSE: we have 9 automatic warehouses that own more than 18.000 codes managed by internal production, contractors and external stocks. Our company has 1.500 m2 of floor area, including delivery and shipping areas.
  4. LOGISTICS: our goods have an integrate management and an information flow that provides the requested service and punctuality by taking advantage of all our resources.