Dinema was founded in 1971. At the beginning, it produced electro-mechanics textile equipment.

In 1985 Dinema joins Lonati Group, contributing to assert global leadership of the mother company in the field of textile circular machinery, and in 1986 Dinema is one of the first companies in Europe to adopt the bed of nails ICT technology.

In 1995 Dinema optimizes its organizational structure, achieving the ISO 9001 certification, and since 2000 it significantly increases its workforce in all sectors, becoming one of the most important electronic partner for the fullness of the solutions offered to their customers, from the design to after-sales support.

Thanks the textile machinery produced by Dinema, Lonati Group's equipment fill nearly the entirety of female socks world production, 60% of male and childen socks production, 90% of sport clothes and seamless production and 60% of traditional knitwear production.