Dinema Textile is the Business Unit of Dinema S.p.A. specialised in the production of mechanics textile equipment. It combines textile machinery and efficient state-of-the-art software for textile companies, making it unique in the industry.

Founded in 1971 as a company for the production of electro-mechanics textile equipment. Later, in 1985, the company joined the Lonati Group, leading to an increase in investments of energy and resources for the continuous development of new technological solutions. 

In 1986 Dinema Textile was one of the first companies in Europe to adopt in-circuit the bed of nails ICT technology
In 1995 Dinema Textile achieved the ISO 9001 certification. Since 2000 it has been one of the most important companies in electronics and electro-mechanics textile.

Today the mechanical-textile equipment of the Lonati Group company covers almost the entire world production of women's hosiery, 60% of men's and children's hosiery production, 90% of sportswear and seamless production and 60% of traditional knitwear production, becoming internationally renowned.