Nautilus is a data collecting system software and connected all the machines using special card and ethernet standard wires.

Software interface gives a complete view of the knitting room status per knitting room/group/single 
machine. NAUTILUS system, in addition to collect data, can control the production programming. 

NAUTILUS system connection is made through an ethernet network and it is integrated by interfacing devices such as MDS and DCN. NAUTILUS system makes easy the work on collected data, making them suitable to hosiery needs.

  • Server/client and SQL database software architecture
  • Data collection: production per style/shift/resposible/bag; production per style/shift/resposible/bag; stops (all causes, duration, frequency); times ON/OFF; effficiencies (Weff e Teff); cycle times; defects, with possibility of decreasing counter pieces; spare parts Bar code label printing;  plant data personalisation; file.rpt crystal report. 
  • Programmability: daily table for shifts/responsible per machine; production and bug target machine stop; immediate stop by client, F0 to F8; order queue modification; sending/receiving/machine programs activation; display and keyboard remote functioning; control of NAUTILUS console on machine board; quality control.