Production Process

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The entire production process

At Dinema, we want to achieve our business goals alongside our customers by offering efficient, leading-edge services and products in the LED lighting, textile and electronics sectors. We believe in the talent of the people in our team and constantly strive for excellence to offer our customers the best technology solutions. For this reason, each of Dinema’s Business Unit consists a team of specialised experts who undergo professional and recurrent training.

The production process of the three Dinema Business Units consists of several phases:






Logistic management


Assembling and testing of boards and equipment


After-sales technical support

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From design to testing and after-sales.

The experience we have gained over the years has enabled us to expand our service offer to include “turnkey” solutions, starting from the initial application idea to the supply of the final product.

We turn the customers’ ideas into real and fully functional systems, offering our expert advice. We test products un order to meet and satisfy the required expectations.

Logistics is a key element of Dinema’s business model: we look for the best electronic and technological components negotiating supply agreements with the main players in the market.

Thanks to advanced electronic boards and system controls our staff can constantly monitor the developments in production and promptly detect potential hitches and intervene to correct the process.

We offer after-sales technical suport all over the world through logistic headquarters located in different Countries.

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