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Maximum efficiency in design and production

Dinema aimed at all companies that require solutions in electronics, textiles and lighting, ensuring maximum efficiency thanks to optimised processes.

In addition to internal design and production, Dinema is capable of realizing, checking and supporting those products that are entirely designed by our Customers.

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Mechanical-Textile equipment

We produce cutting-edge equipment for the textile machinery industry and automated technological solutions for production control, quality, yarn feeding and data collection.


Electro-Medical equipment

We design innovative equipment for the medical and fitness sector according to the specifications of the customer. Our specialized technical staff is involved in the production of electronic boards that meet the customer requirements and the latest industry standards.



Dinema lighting fixtures use LED technology to achieve greater energy efficiency in accordance with CEI standards. Some examples: ceiling lights, headlights, led bars, watertight led armor.


Access management

We produce electronic systems for access control and identification, by producing either individual electronic boards or entire control cabins, depending on customer requirements. Some examples: gateways, turnstiles, doors, windows, interlocks.



We produce safe and innovative electronic security systems to ensure optimal working environments and the integrity of products. We utilize technologies that allow our products to fully compliant with the industry standards.



We offer state-of-the-art solutions for the railway industry. Some examples: emergency management systems, help-joints, watertight telephones and emergency telephones.


Batteries and energy suppliers

We produce technologically advanced quality control boards to guarantee long life and high performance to products. Some examples: batteries, battery chargers and power electronic equipments.



We build solutions for uninterruptible power supplies UPS, switching power supplies and motor control to verify the reliability of the application and ensure safety and compliance.


Renewable energy

We provide innovative solutions, producing and testing electronic boards for wind turbines, solar energy systems, waste water treatment and industrial automation.


Industrial controls

We develop hardware and software solutions for the control of industrial systems. Both embedded and modular architectures are available, with different operating systems, also for real-time requirements.



We develop customized and innovative systems for applications such as professional coffee machines, vending machines, refrigeration systems, ovens and many other products for the Ho.Re.Ca sector.

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