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Top level electronic and technological solutions

We are a company with a corporate history of design and production of industrial electronics for the Lighting, Textile and Electronics sectors. No matter the size or area of business of potential clients, over the years Dinema has implemented the necessary activities to optimize business processes to achieve maximum efficiency, regardless of the product complexity and volumes.

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A team of specialists at your service

We approach all companies that require electronic solutions, dealing with:

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Design and production of electronic boards, equipments and systems

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Design and production of Textile equipment and systems

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Design and production of LED lighting fixtures

ico section titleBeside design and production we carry out

ico checkedManufacturing and industrialization of products designed by customers
ico checkedAfter-sales technical support
ico checkedOn site maintenance service
ico checkedSupply chain optimization
ico checkedTesting with parametric and functional techniques
ico checkedBoard and equipment repairs
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A partner capable of developing your projects and products

At Dinema, we choose to be a unique partner in the electronics market every day, using a systematic approach to management, analyzing processes and following the entire product life cycle.
Our goal is to offer our Customers quality products with significant savings of time and money, both in the short and long term, minimizing the need for intervention and maintenancce.

Talent, skills and excellence are at the heart of Dinema. Key distinctive elements allowing us to an organisation capable of developing your projects and products with full control over the production chain.