Dinema, over 40 years of history and growth

Electronic and technoligic solutions for Lighting, Textile and Electronics.

Dinema is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001

Dinema, over 40 years of history and growth

Dinema is an innovative company that has been providing for more than 40 years cutting-edge electronic products and services in a wide range of fields of application, particularly in Lighting, Textile and Electronics.

The main activities include:

  • Design and production of electronic boards, of complete equipment and systems;
  • Design and production of Textile equipment and systems;
  • Design and production of lighting LEDs solutions.

Moreover, Dinema is capable of intervening in various phases, such as:

  • Realization and industrialization of products developed by the customer;
  • Management of the Logistic chain;
  • Production line work of boards and equipment;
  • Tests with parametric and functional techniques;
  • After sale technical support, on-site fixing and on-field intervention.

Dinema stands out by being thorough in proposals and by providing deep and specialized consultation to the customer. It also successfully operates all over the world thanks to its commercial network and its production-support chain participating in various countries.

The extent and the business sector are not relevant: our company has been working over the years in order to optimize its methods so as to achieve maximum efficiency regardless of the complexity and the volume of the products. Dinema addresses to all the organizations that require advanced electronic and technologic solutions.

Dinema, the ideal partner you need

An organisation able to develop your projects and products

The electronic boards, the textile industrial equipment, the lighting LEDs products and the software and hardware components developed by Dinema have the purpose to simplify and automate the processes, to completely supervise the production line and to improve the energy efficiency. We aim to offer to our customers high quality products by saving money and time both short and long term. Dinema grants high performance solutions that have a long life cycle, reducing the need of intervention and maintenance.