Top level electronic and technological solutions

A team of specialists at your service

Dinema is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001

Top level electronic and technological solutions

Dinema S.p.A. is a historic company specialising in the design and production of industrial electronics for the Lighting, Textile and Electronics.

The extent and the business sector of our Customers are not relevant for the work to be carried out: in Dinema, in fact, over the years we have carried out the necessary operations to optimize our methods to achieve maximum efficiency, regardless of the product complexity and volume to be manufactured.

We approach all companies that require electronic solutions, dealing with:

  • Design and production of electronic boards, of complete equipment and systems;
  • Design and production of Textile equipment and systems;
  • Design and production of lighting LEDs solutions

In addition to handling design and production, Dinema is capable of intervening in various phases, such as:

  • Realization and  industrialization of products  developed by the customer;
  • Management of the supply chain;
  • Production line of boards and equipment;
  • Testing with parametric and functional techniques;
  • After-sales technical support;
  • On-site repairs;
  • On-field intervention.

Dinema stands out  for our top-level know-how, for being thorough in proposals and by providing deep and specialised consultation to the customer. It also successfully operates worldwide thanks to its business network and its production-support chain participating in various countries.

Choosing Dinema means having a team of specialists at your disposal, able to foresee every possible aspect of the design and industrialization of the electronic product in all its details.

Dinema, your ideal partner

An organisation able to develop your projects and products

At Dinema, we choose to be a unique partner in the electronics market every day, using a systematic approach to management, analyzing processes and following the entire product life cycle.

Our goal is to offer our Customers quality products with significant savings in time and money, both in the short and long term, reducing the need for intervention and maintenance.

Talent, skills and excellence are the heart of Dinema and the key elements that distinguish us in the industrial automation market, allowing us to be the organisation able to develop your projects and products even having full control over the production chain