Immaculate Conception bridge 2022

We inform you that Dinema offices will be closed on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th December 2022. See you again on Monday 12th December for the usual resumption of activities!   Happy Immaculate Conception Day from Dinema Electronics, Textile and Lighting!
Digraph 3+: a must for textile industry

Did you know that Digraph 3+ is the software used in all the knitting rooms with Lonati, Santoni and Sangiacomo machines? It comes to our advanced graphic system that allows planners, designers and creatives of the textile industry to profit at best the manufactures of these top-level machines! With Digraph 3+ you will be able to put together and make easier all the operations and to work with
Cutting-edge SMT boards assembly

When it comes to assembling boards SMT and THT, even if you have the smartest machines, but your technicians don’t have the right know-how, you are only halfway! As for this at Dinema Electronics we employ a team of specialists constantly updated and with the necessary preparation to use our accurate evolved RoHS or Leaded processes. SMT assembling is based on latest generation machines ASM SIPLA
The innovative goods control system of Dinema Electronics

In Dinema Electronics we have digitized the verification of incoming material in the warehouse! Thanks to the introduction of data mining algorithms, we can extract from a huge amount of data the information necessary for the process and then process it to obtain even more performing results. With this method we managed to optimize the data flow related to procurement, loading and material manage
Closing All Saints 2022

On the feast of All Saints, we inform you that our offices will be closed on Monday 31st October and on Tuesday 1st November. We will resume our usual activities on Wednesday 2nd November.
Dinema Electronics puts its talents at the center

The technical laboratory of Dinema Electronics has a whole new look! We wanted to restructure it to give it an even more modern look and enrich it with cutting-edge technologies. The well-being and quality of life of our talents are in fact the mid-point of the philosophy that drives us every day. As for this we are very proud of the result gained and pleased to announce that the laboratory rep
With D-Morse device, savings are guaranteed

Energy bill skyrocketing? No fear, you just need to install D-Morse device and savings will be guaranteed! D-Morse is our smart and innovative system for intelligent light management: the ideal solution when it comes to automating and simplifying lighting in large areas. Installing D-Morse the energy waste will be zero! Thanks to its brightness sensor and gateway, that automatically manages the
Savings are guaranteed with Dinema Lighting

With Dinema Lighting the energy bill will no longer be a problem! Today more than ever, the issue of savings is at the center of our attention and it is essential to find a way to pay less expensive bills and make our business sustainable. The cost of energy, in fact, increasingly affects the production of all companies. But don't worry, we have the right solution for you. With our 150 and
The testing of excellence signed by Dinema Electronics

One of the essential cornerstones of the world of Dinema Electronics is the particular attention to product reliability! We carry out careful and precise tests in our dedicated department to guarantee customers maximum protection over time, and we carry out optical inspection online on 100% of the cards produced. All our checks are carried out in compliance with the supply specifications, produc
Nautilus Light: the ideal software for textile SME’s

Do you have a small or medium-size textile company and you would like to make it smarter? In Dinema Textile we have the solution for you and it's called Nautilus Light! This is our computerized data collection system for production control that provides specific information in real time on performance and adjustments needed! Nautilus Light is the natural replacement for manual data collecti
The four headlights of the Comet series

Every company, factory, clinic, school or shopping center needs the right lighting, and we at Dinema Lighting know it well. Precisely for this reason we continuously improve our headlights and study ad hoc solutions to guarantee maximum functionality to all customers. One of the lights that we use most in our lighting projects today is Comet, an exceptional light source capable of significantly r
Saigontex: a great success

Today we want to show you some photos taken during the Saigontex fair in Vietnam. It was a wonderful experience and we are proud to have had the opportunity to exhibit all the products of our Textile catalog. A big thanks you goes to all customers, partners and suppliers who came to visit us. Here are the shots!
Summer Recess 2022  

August is right around the corner and we like to play ahead! We know how important it is for you to better plan and organize your work schedule. Precisely for this reason, we inform you that we will shortly take a break: our offices will be closed from Monday 8 to Monday 29 August inclusive. See you again on Tuesday 30 for the usual resumption of activities!
Dinema Textile & Saigontex

We announce that Dinema Textile will attend Saigontex, a fair organized by Union Industry in Vietnam. From 27 to 30 July, we will exhibit all the products of our Textile catalog at  Saigon Exhibition & Conference Center: Hall A1, Stand 2E-3.  We will show you some shots soon!
Giant: the master of light by Dinema Lighting

Are you looking for energy savings for your company? Do you have impressive spaces to illuminate? Do you want to replace your traditional lighting sources? Trust Giant, the master of light by Dinema Lighting! With its 250W and a luminous flux of 33000 lumens, Giant is ready for any challenge. It represents the ideal source to guarantee excellent quality of light in the largest spaces, offering
Efficient and state-of-the-art logistics

Logistics at Dinema Electronics is pure efficiency and represents a fundamental aspect of our production process. How? We offer a buffer stock service to ensure maximum continuity of supply and manage peak demand; We carry out the research, purchase and management of electronic components at all levels, with logistics agreements with main distributors; We respect strict packaging rules: Dine
Dinema Textile & Techtextil 2022

Recently Dinema Textile participated in Techtextil 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. It was a great satisfaction to attend the most leading international fair for technical textiles and nonwovens and we take this opportunity to share with you some shots!
UNION INDUSTRY SHOW: un evento textile

Today we are really happy to show you some photos taken during the UNION INDUSTRY SHOW that we attended in the past few days! It was an extraordinary emotion to be present as an official partner and exhibit all the products in our Textile catalog. A sincere thanks to our agents Tatsuya and Ryoji Nagata for organizing the event and for their outstanding cooperation. Here are the shots!
Dinema Electronics is your trusted ally!

Technical support has always been a very important phase of our supply chain. In fact, at Dinema Electronics, our work does not end once the product is delivered to the customer, but it continues with the aim of offering you effective after-sales assistance. Our concept of assistance is strongly linked to the concept of partnership: we stand by your side throughout the life cycle of the product t
ITM 2022: a great satisfaction

At Dinema Textile we are especially proud to have attended the ITM 2022 Fair in Istanbul! The days spent in Turkey were full of emotions and great satisfactions: a big thanks goes out to all Customers, Partners and Suppliers who came to visit us. We take this opportunity to share some photos with you directly from our stand! See you an the next fair!

We announce that Dinema Textile will be official partner of the UNION INDUSTRY SHOW, a private event organized with the utmost care and professionalism by our agents in Japan: Tatsuya Nagata and Ryoji Nagata, respectively President and Vice President of the company. From 21 to 24 June we will exhibit all the products of the Textile catalog at Union Industry CO., LTD. in Hyogo. We will show you s
Efficiency and design: the Satellite ceiling fixture by Dinema Lighting

Are you looking for great energy savings for your company? Come discover our 49W Satellite, the difference with traditional lighting sources will be noticeable! The Satellite ceiling fixture manages to illuminate any environment by combining design and efficiency, to ensure a harmonious light effect, free of shadows or disturbances. It represents the ideal solution for public spaces where full an
ITM Fair 2022

We announce the attendance of Dinema Textile at ITM 2022 Fair in Turkey! From 14 to 18 June, you will find us at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul, PAD. 7 - STAND 708B. Come visit us: it will be an excellent opportunity to introduce our latest news!
Republic Day 2022

On the occasion of Republic Day, we remind you that our offices will be closed on Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June 2022.  We’ll be back on Monday 6 June for the usual resumption of activities. Happy Republic Day from Dinema Electronics, Lighting and Textile!
Dinema Electronics: strategic document analysis to ensure effective feedback

Document analysis plays a major role within the Dinema Electronics Business Unit. Our technical staff is responsible for carefully analyzing the products designed by Customers, producing standardized documentation that enables the subsequent material procurement, production and testing processes to operate under optimal conditions. Analysis of the documentation enables us to provide Customers wi
Sustainable innovation for reduced energy consumption

In Dinema Lighting we always look towards technological innovation and sustainable development.   We design and build functional lighting systems to give light to large surfaces and large volumes with significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting sources.   One example is our Space luminaire: with only 19W of energy consumption, it will bring your company directly on to space!  
Power consumptions reduced by more than 50% thanks to PLUS: the top-of-the-line power supply by Dinema Textile

The Dinema Textile R&D team constantly monitors activities of our products to optimize performance and significantly reduce energy consumption. Recently, with the cooperation of one of the best known companies in the textile machinery sector, we have analyzed in detail the power absorption data at various speeds of our PLUS power supply, comparing it with the power drown by a device equipped with
Dinema Electronics: a prompt, precise and safe supply chain

In such a tricky historical period, having a purchasing department that actively manages contacts with suppliers and parent companies has become essential for all companies in the world. Thanks to the support of our purchasing department and to our constant planning, at Dinema Electronics we optimize the supply chain with the aim of supporting all customers at any time and guaranteeing them a pro
A spring of hope and energy

April usually brings lots of hope and we cannot help but wish that this year it will do the same. In such a difficult historical period, our thoughts go to all those people who are facing a crucial moment in their life. All our strength goes out to them, to those showing us every day how important it is to always give one’s best, no matter what happens. We hope with all our hearts that spring ca
Energy saving has never been so essential

Aiming at energy saving has never been as essential as it is today! In the current socio-economic context, the topic of savings is now a constant thought for all companies in the world that wish to have an increasingly sustainable business. At Dinema Lighting we pay special attention to sustainable innovation and our D-MORSE is a tangible proof! Today D-MORSE represents our spearhead as it offer
Tetaş Private Show

We are happy to announce that Dinema Textile will be attending the Tetaş Private Show! From 29th March to 1st April 2022 , you will find us at the showroom of TETAŞ İÇ AND DIŞ TİCARET A. S. - Akçaburgaz Mahallesİ 3047 - Sokak n°2 - Esenyurt in Istanbul, Turkey. We look forward to participating and showing you the latest news in the textile world!
Rapid sampling: the best way to obtain preventive and proactive information

Thanks to the experience gained in the field of industrial electronic design and production, our Dinema Electronics team manages the creation of your products. One of the phases of our production process involves rapid sampling, an important step that allows us to obtain preventive and proactive information regarding the entire production phase. This is only possible due to the fact that both th
Dinema Electronics increases the number of viewfinders to inspect our boards

In Dinema Electronics we know that the difference is made thanks to the meticulous search for innovative solutions. This is why we have increased our fleet of viewfinders to check our boards.  These are electronic vision systems, also called stereomicroscopes without eyepieces, necessary to integrate automatic process controls. The presence of the new equipment has made possible a significant imp
Comet: the comet of the Dinema Lighting product range

In Dinema Lighting we design the most functional lighting systems to shed light to large surfaces and large volumes, always focusing on technological innovation and sustainable development. Our Comet headlight is an example! It represents a unrivalled sign of power and energy efficiency to give life to impeccable lighting performances both in outdoor and indoor environments. It is available in
Holiday of San Faustino 2022

On occasion of the Bank Holiday of San Faustino, we inform you that our offices will be closed on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th February 2022.  We’ll resume our usual activities on Wednesday 16th February.
Real-time industrial control with HMI management: a Dinema Electronics solution

At Dinema Electronics we provide our customers with a team with fifty years of experience and capable of foreseeing every possible aspect of the design and industrialization of the electronic product in all its facets. Among the countless solutions that we develop daily, the real-time industrial control activity with HMI management stands out. At Dinema Electronics we produce boards for industria
Christmas Holidays 2021

With the Winter Holidays approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to wish to all our customers a Merry Christmas and to start the New Year with the joy and enthusiasm of those who want to improve every day. Let's toast together to a Merry Christmas and a fulfilling 2022! Our offices will be closed from December 24, 2021 to January 7, 2022 inclusive. We will resume regular busines
R&D Dinema Textile: a new technology for GRYF

When it comes to Dinema Textile products, our philosophy is to constantly strive for perfection! In line with the company mission, we have raised quality controls to satisfy customer requests in the best possible way and in compliance with our high quality standards. In cooperation with our partners, our Dinema Textile R&D team has developed a new technology for GRYF to enhance the device life, y
Holidays of December 8th, 2021

On the feast of the Immaculate Conception, we inform you that our offices will be closed on Wednesday December 8th, 2021. We wish all of you to spend a day of joy and tradition together with your loved ones. See you back on Thursday December 9th!
Dinema Lighting: ad hoc lighting solutions

Today we want to introduce a lighting project that we have carried out for a hospital here in Lombardy. Being a protected healthcare environment in which the well-being and health of people is of primary importance, specific requirements had to be met: Light installations structured in a discreet but highly functional manner; Maximum cleaning of the systems even over time; Minimum maintenanc
The new Dinema Electronics website is online

Today we have great news to share with you all! We are happy to announce that the new website of Dinema Electronics is online, the Core Business Unit dedicated entirely to the world of design and production of electronic boards, equipment and complete systems. Available soon in English:
An electronic board for all your projects

Since 1971 we have been working with commitment and passion to transform your ideas into real and fully functional systems and to guarantee you the complete efficiency of every single electronic board made within our production chain. At Dinema Electronics, we create products conceived and designed by you, but developed with our specialized know-how: starting from the rapid industrialization of t
PULSAR: the innovative software by Dinema Textile

Today we want to introduce PULSAR, a product developed by Dinema Textile in cooperation with Santoni to program Seamless machines. It is a software designed to simplify the operator's work when programming the machine by controlling its mechanical movements. PULSAR analyzes the design, suggests the optimal threading of the machine and generates the correct program to make the desired garment
Holiday: November 1,  2021

We inform you that our offices will be closed on Monday, November 1st. We will resume our usual activities on Tuesday, November 2nd.
Star: the star of the Dinema Lighting division

The leading actor of our product range is definitely Star Headlight: the star of  Dinema Lighting division! Star is the ideal source of light for functional lighting because it guarantees maximum visual comfort as well as exceptional precision and accuracy in any work environment. Its features? 12 LED spotlight with narrow beam 40 ° and 60 ° lenses; Available in dimmable version with appropr
BIE 2021 and Dinema Lighting

At Dinema Lighting we are proud to have attended again this year the BIE 2021 Exposition in Montichiari! In this instance it was again a wonderful experience meeting you in person, interacting with you and being able to answer your questions and curiosity. A big thank you goes to all our customers, partners and suppliers who came to visit us. Let us take this opportunity to share with you some s
The advanced graphic system of Dinema textile: Digraph 3+

Today we want to introduce Digraph 3+, the advanced graphic system of the Dinema Textile family consisting of programs that interact with each other giving the user the option of working with a single tool thus being able to meet every need and simplify greatly each operation. Thanks to a wide range of projects, technical sheets and drawings that can be imported or exported, it allows technical a
The software specifications of our technical department

In Dinema Electronics, our specialized and qualified team fully manages the creation of your product both in terms of Hardware and Software. In addition to the features of the Hardware activities that we have already described, below you will find the specifications of the Software activities of our technical office:   - Firmware development for embedded applications; - Customization of Linux
BIE 2021 Exhibition

Let's start again in style! We are happy to announce that Dinema Lighting will be present, also this year, at the BIE 2021 Exhibition in Montichiari. We look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions! You will find us in hall 8 - stand H12, from September 23rd to September 25th, 2021!
The strengths of our technical department: Hardware division

Dinema Electronics takes charge of your requirements starting from the initial application idea, to the delivery of the finished product, sharing with you, in the co-design phase, the know-how of 60 Hardware and Software designers with skills always up to date.   Following some features of the Hardware division of  our technical department:   Development of microcontroller systems from 8 to
Summer recess 2021

We at Dinema are increasingly proud of the incredible team that stands by us and of the dedication they show in their work every day to achieve success and satisfaction! We will take a break to meet again in September with the usual enthusiasm and dedication. Our offices will be closed from August 9th to August 27th included. Rendezvous on Monday, August 30th, with resumption of our regular acti
 Intelligent lighting at the service of your company

Today we want to introduce the lighting project that we have tailored for an important industry that extrudes aluminum, whose needs were shared with many other companies in the sector: Maximum visual comfort; Significant improvement in lighting performance; Energy and economic saving; Greater attention to consumption. In Dinema Lighting, thanks to our team of qualified specialists, we have

After one year of waiting, today we are pleased to announce our participation in the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2020 Fair, which will be held at the "National Exhibition and Convention Center" in Shanghai from June 12th to 16th, 2021. Dinema Textile will present GRYF, PLUS, FDU4, DSC and Nautilus products at the Lonati Group stand. We wait for you at booth number H4 – D32: our sales team will be availabl
YiwuTex 2021

Today we are very proud to announce that Dinema Textile will be part of 2021 YiwuTex Fair at the “Yiwu International Expo Center”, in China. From June 8th to 10th, 2021, we will be presenting our new innovative software Nautilus and the latest DSC disposal at the “Yingyun Technology Co., LTD” stand, booth number: A1C01. We have waited a long time for this moment and we are sure that it will be a
Holidays June the 2nd, 2021

On the occasion of “Republic Day”, we are happy to keep showing our support to the values ​​that constitute the founding bases of our company and the elements of cohesion between our people. This is why we wish all of you that, on the holiday of June the 2nd, a synergistic spirit will be renewed between people, the community, business people and companies. Our offices will be closed on Wednesday
Our expertise at the service of the Vatican Museums

There are moments in the professional history of a company that cannot be forgotten. This is the case of the partnership that we carried out a few years ago for the Vatican Museums who asked us to study the light design of their venues. An experience of incredible value when we were able to put all the expertise of Dinema Lighting at the service of the Holy See. Every space that needs to be illu
PLUS: consumption reduced by up to 50%

Those who know us are aware of the fact that one of the greatest objectives of Dinema Textile is to stand alongside the Customer: not only to offer products and services of excellent quality, but to provide support in growth and progress, aimed at constant and continuous improvement. There are many reasons why we track and monitor the performance of our products: to study their development techno
D-Morse: the lighting of your company in the palm of your hand

When we talk about intelligent light management, we do it with the awareness that we have created some very smart tools to simplify and speed up all the functions related to the lighting of your work spaces. Specifically, with D-Morse, the intelligent system that manages all the headlights in our range, it is possible to control the lighting of your working environment via a simple smartphone app
FDU4: the 4 advantages of the Dinema Textile device

More innovation, more compatibility, more memory, more agility!   This is FDU4, the device for transferring programs from PC to textile machines that makes your daily work even smarter! How? Here are all its advantages compared to previous versions:   More innovation: thanks to the improvements implemented at the software level, it replaces the previous model, while guaranteeing much hig
We aim at 100%!

When it comes to quality and product R&D, we love to share concrete insights relating to Dinema's daily work, to acknowledge the standard of excellence that we pursue and achieve. Today we want to put our focus on this subject: the goal that guides us is always the achievement of perfection, the production of 100% of our electronic boards without any defect. 100% is a statistically difficult
Consumptions more than halved: thanks to Comet

Today we introduce the lighting consultancy work carried out for a wire drawing company that had lighting needs similar to those of  many companies in that and other sectors: Greater attention to consumption; Energy and economic saving; System in compliance with the current safety law; Performance improvement.   Thanks to the Dinema Lighting team we have studied a customized solution to a
Dinema Textile technical assistance: you can count on it!

One of the fundamental values ​​of our work method is Customer Care, both in the offer and sales phase and in the follow-up phase. The goal is to ensure the best possible assistance service, during the entire business relationship with those clients who choose us. Dinema’s  technical assistance team relies on 16 professionals with individual specializations. In particular, for Textile products,
Easter 2021: proactiveness and innovation

With the Easter holidays approaching, we wish that this period can carry a proactive spirit and a good dose of innovation, to always be one step ahead of the  changes and the opportunities  that it brings with it.   We take this opportunity to inform you that our offices will be closed on Monday April 5th 2021. We’ll resume our regular activities on April 6th.
Dinema Electronics in-line mobile probe testing

When accuracy is a priority, each type of testing is a fundamental step to ensure the customer the desired and expected level of quality. The testing with moving probes is one of the complementary electrical tests that we carry out on 100% of the production batches according to a specific testing cycle, in order to deliver to the customer a product that is fully and thoroughly tested. In fact, t
The testing phase: the backbone of our know-how

The value of our know-how is inextricably linked to one of the most important aspects of our corporate DNA: testing aimed to total efficiency in production. We offer various testing solutions in order to guarantee full functionality and maximum reliability over time on 100% of the products delivered to the customer, thanks to our parametric tests. We have the most advanced machinery for In-Circu
D-MORSE: beyond lighting, towards technology.

At Dinema Lighting we have listened carefully to the needs of the market and of our customers, for this reason we have deliberately, thoughtfully and precisely chosen to go beyond just lighting and integrate it with technology. D-MORSE, our intelligent light management system, is certainly the spearhead that best represents this company philosophy since it is a product that grants a significant o
FDU4: as easy as a USB pendrive, extremely helpful in full Dinema style

At Dinema, we like to play ahead, so we designed FDU4, the device that works in pairs to transfer programs directly from PC to machine, without the use of serial cables, but with our wireless connection. FDU4 is a system that guarantees full compatibility on machines equipped with any generation Dinema electronics, thanks to the dual serial / USB function. It is also equipped with a multicolored
At Dinema Electronics, “Made in Italy” is a continuous pursuit of excellence

For us at Dinema Electronics Made in Italy means having the strength to believe in the talent of our People, in that all-Italian genius that today is called Problem Solving, but which in our country we have always identified as continuous pursuit of excellence. We find it in history, in our artistic heritage, in fashion, in foods and, of course, also in the sectors related to Electronics and Auto
Dinema Lighting: design and functionality at the service of the healthcare sector

When we operate in the healthcare sector, our lighting solutions always take into account the special environment involved. When working within hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and care facilities it is essential to have a very specific focus in mind: we are operating in protected environments, where the well-being and people's health are the main concern. Therefore, the presence of light i
DSC and Nautilus together, for your Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is now an indispensable path for every company in our country. In fact it represents a goal to be achieved to prove itself up to the new business challenges and, at the same time, it contains valuable opportunities for all businesses. At Dinema Textile we know it well: digital integration and the application of electronics to mechanics in an industrial systems automation perspective
A year-end reflection and a wish for 2021

Dear friends,  I turn to you again for a brief moment of sharing, a few lines to reflect on this very special 2020 and on the scenarios that await us in the coming year. We have faced and are courageously facing a challenging year that has forced us to complex and times of suspence, but what is certain is that, as hoped for in the spring, we have been able to transform them into rediscovered tim
Corporate Christmas Recess 2020

Dear friends, with the Christmas holidays approaching, we would like to inform you that Dinema will be closed from Thursday, December 24th 2020 to Friday, January 8th 2021 included. We will resume regular activities starting on Monday, January 11th 2021. For any urgencies or request, please contact your company representative or send an email to   The management of Dinema S.p.
Smart warehouses: the cornerstone of the Dinema Electronics process

We have promised you a detailed report of the sophisticated world of Dinema Electronics, so let's start from the first step of the supply chain, the cornerstone of the entire process: procurement through our intelligent warehouses. The level of efficiency achieved during this phase has a crucial impact on the performance of production, which is why Dinema Electronics has made a cutting-edge c
Immaculate Conception: a short stop before the final sprint

The holiday of the 8th of  December will be an opportunity for the whole Dinema team to take a short break and catch its breath. A small break, but essential in light of the final sprint that will lead to the end of this 2020 full of events and news. We therefore inform you that our offices will be closed on Monday December 7 and Tuesday December 8. We will resume our usual activities on Wednes
Dinema Lighting: Made in Italy, Made in Brescia

We are living in a historical era where community responsibility is no longer a priority for companies. While for us, this commitment has been essential for over 50 years. We have built Dinema Lighting on the pillars of Made in Italy applying them to our way of doing business: 100% from Brescia. For this reason we can call Dinema Lighting products: Made in Brescia. In fact, we are specialized in
Systems, products, software: three threads of a single canvas, that of Dinema Textile

When it comes to technologies for the textile industry, it is important to work on several fronts, in order to ensure maximum performance for our customers. For this reason, the Dinema Textile offer is divided into three types of product: Systems: for data collection and production control, intelligent and intuitive technologies to make daily work even smarter; Products: meters, wire feeders,
From your project to immediate production!

When it comes to the design and production of electronic boards, equipment and systems, excellent functionality is an essential pillar of the work of Dinema Electronics. This is why we like to define ourselves not only as Problem Solver but also as Problem Forecaster. Solving  critical issues that arise is the basis of our work, while predicting possible and future ones and promptly reacting, all
Dinema Textile is back in full swing with Vitex Portugal!

Business is progressing at full speed for Dinema Textile, which is restarting its commitments abroad, specifically in Portugal: a market where we have chosen to invest, with a great sense of responsibility and in full compliance with current safety regulations. From 7 to 10 October we therefore participated in Vitex, a private showroom fair, with access only by invitation, dedicated to Spanish an
Comet: the lights that will illuminate your company!

In recent months we have strongly re-evaluated the importance that our work spaces have in our daily routine. While wishing to temporarily recreate them in our homes, we have all acquired full awareness of how crucial it is to work in an environment that needs to be functional, equipped and, of course, adequately illuminated. Each company, office, plant has its own peculiarities in terms of space
GRYF: more than a yarn feeder, an irreplaceable ally in the healthcare sector

The main protagonist of the Dinema Textile product range is certainly GRYF, the yarn feeder supply we have widely described during the healthcare emergency. GRYF is the device to be credited for the conversion of numerous textile productions that have been able to respond to the urgent demand for surgical masks. Today we talk about a new application of GRYF in the healthcare field: medical and p
BIE 2020 and Dinema Lighting: a great success!

We have spent these last three days at BIE 2020 at the Montichiari Exhibition Center and we feel we can say that it was a great success. First of all meeting again “in person”, after a long time in which we have been able to interact only remotely, gave us a breath of optimism and energy in light of the many activities that are awaiting us. In addition, it was essential to update each other on p
R&D Dinema Electronics: an extra gear with the analysis of control and testing techniques

The topic of Research and Development is deeply felt and acknowledged, especially in companies like ours, where the technological component of the products has a very high impact on the final result and on expected performances. Usually, when it comes to Research and Development, it is natural to imagine it as a process relating exclusively to product analysis. At Dinema Electronics we have chos
In the textile sector, precision is everything: DSC Touch 7

Have you ever worn a garment of the wrong size? If this has happened to you, you can understand how much is precision essential in the textile world and, in particular, when it comes to clothing. This is the reason why we are so proud of our DSC TOUCH 7": the size measurer  textile products that guarantees absolute precision and absence of alterations both in the weaving and finishing phases. Th
Dinema Lighting lights up big!

Providing light to large surfaces and large volumes is what we do best, always with great attention to technological innovation, energy saving and sustainable development. From factories to commerce, from healthcare to sports and educational facilities, the secret lies in understanding the specific need of each environment and customize the most functional lighting system.   Discover our produc
Our versatility applies to every specification

Dinema Electronics We are a team with specific qualifications in various fields of technology application. This allows us to envisage the most suitable solutions within your specific sector. We operate in various industrial fields such as: HORECA, electronic power equipment; electronic security systems; UPS; motor control; applications for the military, railway and medical sectors. Our versatilit
Featuring at BIE 2020 with our COMET 190W

It starts off great again! Also this year we will be attending BIE 2020 with a dedicated stand and one protagonist: our COMET 190 W headlight, the latest born among the stars of the Dinema Lighting firmament. We are truly proud of this participation and it will be for us a real pleasure meeting you again after such a period of time. At our stand you will find the entire sales team, available to
Summer Recess 2020

It has been a 2020 full of new benchmarks: we have learned new work standards, covered untraveled roads and faced a deeply different world, with approaches and styles difficult to imagine until a few months ago.   It has been an intense moment and we are proud that the entire Dinema team has managed to turn it into an incredibly evolutionary opportunity!   We are giving ourselves a well-deserv
ITM 2021 Trade Show – Istanbul has been postponed!

Dinema Textile’s team would like to remind you that ITM – International Textile Machinery Trade Show has been postponed until 2021.  The event, which brings together the main stakeholders of the textile machine industry worldwide, and which will see the entire Dinema Textile team participating, will be held from 22nd to 26th June 2021 at the Tuyap Exhibition and Convention Centre in Istanbul.  
Italian Republic Day

The importance of working as a team is to achieve common goals together as one.  The feeling of serenity when you’re surrounded by people who know how to work as a team. The team's energy becomes its strength to realize dreams. We would like to encourage everyone to find these elements and incorporate them into their work and life projects. Happy Italian Republic Day We would like to inform
Dinema is going back to work! Utmost attention to be given to responsibility and safety

Dear all, We are happy to announce that as of Tuesday 14th April, Dinema S.p.a.'s activities will resume in compliance with the latest regulations, unless otherwise instructed. The health & safety of both our and your Personnel will always be our top priority, which is why we have drawn up a Corporate Regulatory Protocol that will be followed lockstep by every member of the of the large Dine
Easter 2020: a different perspective

This year we are sending out our Easter greetings in unique circumstances. Unique because they require us to shift our point of view, to have an atypical view on life, our priorities and our experiences. This outlook starts from the intimacy of our own homes but needs too to stretch far into the distance: to the seemingly distant horizons that we will be able soon to reach; to the people who are
Important notice

In accordance with the Decree Law of 1st April 2020, we inform you that Dinema S.p.a. will abide by the latest extension of containment measures, carrying out company closure up to 13th April unless otherwise instructed. Our sales representatives remain available for you to contact via their customary e-mail and Skype. Wishing the best to you and your loved ones. Dinema S.p.a.
A few words from Riccardo Lonati

Dear all, The new situation we have been experiencing these past few weeks requires great fortitude and the ability to tap into our energy reservoir as Men and Entrepreneurs in order to continue along the path set by our life projects and business plans. As you already know, Dinema has remained closed in compliance with the latest rules and regulations which we are certain will guide us out of t
Dinema @ Colombiatex 2020

Dinema will be present at Colombiatex 2020, Medellín (Colombia) from 21 to 23 January 2020 at the booth RJ 158. Come visit us to discover ourlatest news and the best Textile products ever! 
Dinema @ Shanghaitex 2019

Dinema will be present at the fair Shanghaitex, 2019 edition, from 25 to 28 November. You will find us at the booth W5A10.  
DSC TOUCH 7'' BLACK EDITION // Newspaper of Brescia

Dinema, a company of the Lonati group, is on the Giornale di Brescia with the innovative DSC Touch 7'' Black Edition device. DSC Touch 7'', an excellence in the mechanical-textile sector, allows Dinema to distinguish itself and leads the client companies towards complete automation. The technology of the machine "supports" the department heads thanks to a cutting-edge technology t
Cooperative Cluster from Bulgaria visits DINEMA

On April 17th, DINEMA had a pleased visit of the delegation of companies from Bulgaria accompanied by the representatives of the Hdemia di Belle Arti, Gruppo Foppa and Conast.  The delegation, represented by the President Mr. Stilian Balasopulov, was able to deal with questions and requests for collaboration, ensuring the full DINEMA's availability as a provider of technological innovation fo
Dinema @ ITMA 2019

DINEMA SPA Gruppo Lonati, will participate in the ITMA fair to be held in Barcelona, Spain from 20 to 26 of June 2019 at the Fira de Barcelona, Gran Via - Hall 8.0 – Stand C201.  
Thank you by Dinema @ Mecspe 2019

After a successful Fiera Mecspe, the Dinema team thanks everyone who visited the stand and those who supported the company a long way off.  
Dinema @ Mecspe 2019

Dinema @ Mecspe 2019

Dinema Electronics takes part in the MECSPE fair in Parma. You’ll find us there with the best products of the range the new ones from 28th to 30th of March at pav.4.1 - Stand C.001!
Philips FRX defibrillator in Dinema

Philips FRX defibrillator in Dinema

Since January 2019 Dinema S.p.A. has been equipped with a Philips Mod. FRX semi-automatic defibrillator. The Philips FRX defibrillator combines ease of use with robustness, qualities that make it among the most reliable on the market.
Dinema @ Colombiatex 2019

Dinema @ Colombiatex 2019

Dinema will take part of Colombiatex De las Americas 2019 a Medellin (Colombia) displaying the textile division, the best products and some news: DSC , PLUS, GRYF e FDU4. Find Dinema at the stand RJ130, Rojo pavilion. 
 Dinema Lighting @ Illuminotronica 2018

Dinema Lighting @ Illuminotronica 2018

From 29th of November to 1st of December Dinema will take part of the LUMI Expo fair by Illuminotronica: discover the Lighting section in Bologna. Pavilion 19, stand D25/D27. 
 Dinema Electronics @ Electronica Fair 2018

Dinema Electronics @ Electronica Fair 2018

From 13th to 16th of November Dinema Electronics will be present at Electronica in Munich, an internationally leading fair dedicated to the electronic industry. Hall A1, Stand 302 
Dinema @ Espacio Samatex 2018

DINEMA will take part to the ESPACIO SAMATEX fair in Mexica, from 18th to 20th of September 2018. Cutubanamex center, Hall D, Conscripto Street, 311, Lomas  de Sotelo, Hipódromo de las Américas, 11200 Città del Messico. 

From May 22-25, Dinema will attend the Union Private Show 2018, which will be held at Amagasaki-city, in Japan. The event focuses on the innovations of Industry 4.0 and it represents an important international window for industrial associations manufacturing cutting-edge industrial machineries.
Dinema @ Union Private Show 2018

Today, we had a very appreciated visit by the Italian Consul in Osaka. Mr. Luigi Diodati congratulated on the Italian exellence in the mechanical and textile industry, exported in Japan by Lonati Group and wonderfully represented by a Japanese company, Union Industries. 

The ITM 2018 (International Textile Machinery Exhibition) exhibition, an international showcase for the Textile sector, was concluded just a few days ago, where Dinema had the opportunity to export its sophisticated Made in Italy products to Turkey. Great curiosity and success for Dinema products for which even local newspapers could not avoid talking about.
Union Industry, connecting Europe to Asia: exclusive agent for Lonati Group

Union Industry,  exclusive agent for Lonati Group - a giant in the Italian knitwear industry -, is growing its activity as a connector between Europe and Asia. Nowadays, its commercial network includes China, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea, giving an essential contribute to the creation and growth of the value-added leg fashion industry. 

From April 14 to 17, Dinema will attend ITM 2018 (International Textile Machinery Exhibition), the fair dedicated to the latest technologies of the textile field. The event, which will take place at Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization, represents an important exchange between the main industrial associations from all over the world and the perfect place to launch new cutting-edge products. F
Dinema @ Mecspe 2018

Dinema, with its two divisions Lighting and Electronics, goes to Mecspe in Parma from 22nd to 24th of March. Mecspe is the biggest Italian appointment focused on manufacturing industry innovations, offers its visitors 12 halls that create one meeting point for productive technologies and industrial supply chains, including Industry 4.0.

This Sunday, for the opening of “X Days for art”, culture meets the industries of Brescia to give life to an illuminated future.  Industry, art and music are the distinctive features of the event, which will be entirely enhanced by the future partnership with Dinema Lighting and by the voice of Boris Savoldelli, who will perform the songs of Cyrille Lehn. “The event aims at anticipating what is y

DINEMA S.p.A. will be part of the Colombiatex 2018 trade fair, which will take place in the Medellìn's Expo Center from 23th to 25th of January 2018, Red pavilion, stand n.130.

Dinema will exhibit at 2017 Illuminotronica, which will be held  from 12th till 14th October in Padua (ITALY). Illuminotronica is the unique Italian exhibition able to represent the evolution of the technologies for smart homes and smart cities. In particular, it focuses on the world of building automation, LED lighting and safety. Fill in the following registration form! Dinema will offer you a s
 Dinema enriches its production with smart warehouses

Always pioneering in the industry innovation, Dinema enriches its production with smart warehouses. The smart warehouse software by Dinema rivolutionizes the purveyance, reducing the setting-up time for Pick&Place technology; it analyzes and calculates the missing elements; it controls and tracks the temperature and the humidity of the area of storage and of every single component. A flagship valu

Dinema Electronics will be present at the first Private Show in Korea to inaugurate the HQ and show-room of our newly established company, UNION ASIA PACIFIC (KOREA) CO., LTD., from September 20th to 23rd, 2017.  UNION ASIA PACIFIC (KOREA) CO., LTD.  Krantz Techno Building #602, 388, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 13403, Republic of Korea

Another international trade fair dedicated to textile industry for Dinema: from 13 to 15 June the company will attend the 2017 YIWUTEX, in YIWU, CHINA. The exhibition will be held at the YIWU INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTRE, ZHEJIANG, PR CHINA. You coul meet up with Dinema and its staff at the stand C35/Pavillion A1.

Dinema will be at the UNION PRIVATE SHOW 2017 in Japan from 23th till 26th April 2017, which will be held at Union Industry Co., Ltd, show room 2-6-13 Nishikawa, Amagasaki-City.
Dinema @ Saigontex 2017

From 5th till 8th April 2017, Dinema will be at the ”Saigontex - Vietnam Textile & Garment Industry Expo 2017” fair, which will be held at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) in Hochiminc City, Vietnam. You will find Dinema and discover all its news at the stand UAP

22 March 2017

With its Lighting Department and its Electronics Department, Dinema is going to attend the Mecspe of Parma from 23th to 25th March 2017. Thanks to the synergy of 11 fairs, MECSPE, a point of reference in the field of manufacturing industry, grants its visitors a complete overview on materials, innovative technologies and machines and unique initiatives such as Digital Factory – Beyond Automation.

3 February 2017

From 23rd to 26th February, Dinema is in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for DTG 2017 fair. You can find us at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), pavillon 6, stand 601.  

3 February 2017

Dinema will take part in TEXTILLEGPROM, taking place in Moscow from 14th to 17th February 2017. We are waiting for you at the Moscow VDNK Russian Exhibition Center, pavillon 75.

31 January 2017

Dinema takes part in KNITTING TECH - 26th International Knitting, Hosiery, Embroidery and Related Industries Fair, in Istanbul. From 2nd to 5th February, you can find us at ATAMANLAR stand! Visiting hours: 2 - 4 February 10.00-19.00 5 February 10.00-18.00 Place: Tüyap Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi, Büyükçekmece - Istanbul

20 December 2016

On Saturday, 17th December Dinema welcomed all its employees and their families. The plant opened its doors and everyone was able to show their work stations to their relatives and tell them about their jobs. Dinema’s effort in organising the event was rewarded by the really great participation: a day full of emotions and satisfactions, in a cheerful and joyful atmosphere… The Dinema family’s atmo
Dinema Lighting - Opening Scalo Milano

13 October 2016

On Thursday the 27th  of October is taking place the opening ceremony of SCALO MILANO, the new and innovative City Style District in Locate di Triulzi, south of Milan. Dinema Lighting supplies lighting fixtures for all shops and squares facades, and handrail lighting. New lighting fixtures (bars, spotlight and headlight) have been specifically designed to enlighten Scalo Milano, in order to reali

3 October 2016

Dinema participates to ITMA ASIA 2016 fair that is taking place at National exhibition and Convention Center in Shangahi from 21st to 25th October 2016. You can find us at Santoni Shanghai Hall H4 stand, Stand D01 where you can find our new products.
Dinema Lighting @ Illuminotronica 2016

11 October 2016

Dinema took part to ILLUMINOTRONICA exhibition that took place in Padova from the 6th to the 8th October 2016.

19 September 2016

DINEMA is participating to a private exhibition that is taking place in Portugal on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September and the 1st of October. The exclusive exhibition, reserved only to the invited business operators, is situated in: ZONA INDUSTRIAL DO SOCORRO LOTE A1 - QUINCHAES 4820 FAFE - PORTUGAL Official Site:
Dinema Lighting @ Illuminotronica 2016

6 July 2016

Dinema Lighting will participate at the fifth edition of Illuminotronica exhibition, in Padua from 6 to 8 of October 2016.