Production process

Design, industrialisation, assembly, testing and after-sale.

Dinema’s production progress in Lighting, Textile and Electronics takes place through different organized phases:

  • Design;
  • Industrialization;
  • Logistic management;
  • Assembling and testing boards and equipment;
  • After-sale technical support.

Dinema puts effort into the aim to offer a total range of products and services in Lighting, Textile and Electronics. In each area of interest there is a high qualified staff that periodically attends updating training courses.

Thanks to the decades-long experience and the incessant comparison with the various Lonati group divisions, Dinema is able to extend its services supply to keys in hand solutions, from the application idea to the final product. The idea and design of the product can be decided at the customer's discretion: in this case, Dinema offers its consulence, realizes and tests the stock and supports the interlocutor in order to offer a product that fully meets the customer's expectations.

We evaluate the Logistic management extremely relevant: that’s why we search for the best electronic and technologic components by buying them from the most qualified producers. Moreover, we negotiate logistic agreements with the head suppliers.

Through electronic boards and advances system controls, the staff and the supervisors are able to constantly control the production trend, to immediately detect potential hitches and to intervene to correct long and complicate procedures. By monitoring step by step, we offer high quality and robust final products.

We offer after-sale technical support all over the world through logistic headquaters located in different Countries.

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