The entire production process

Design, industrialisation, logistics, assembly, testing and after-sales

The production process of the three Dinema Business Units consists of several phases:

  • Design;
  • Industrialisation;
  • Logistics management;
  • Assembling and testing of boards and equipment;
  • After-Sales technical Support.

At Dinema we want to achieve our business goals together with our customers, aiming to offer efficient and cutting-edge services and products, in Lighting, Textile and Electronics. We believe in the talent of the people who are part of our team and we constantly aspire to excellence to offer our Customers the best technology solutions.
For this reason, in each Dinema Business Unit, there is a team of specialised professionals that periodically attends updating training courses

With the results obtained over the years, the experience and the incessant comparison with the Lonati Group, Dinema is able to extend the supply of our services up to "turnkey" solutions, from the application idea up to the final product.

The initial idea and design can be decided directly by the Customer.

We will turn the customers' ideas into real and fully functional systems, offering our expert advice and testing the product so that it meets and satisfies the required expectations

Logistic management is a fundamental pillar of Dinema's business, we look for the best electronic and technological components negotiating logistic agreements with the head suppliers.

Through electronic boards and advanced system controls, our staff can constantly monitor the production trend, to immediately detect potential hitches and to intervene to correct the procedures.

We offer after-sale technical support all over the world through logistic headquarters located in different Countries.

The entire production process